Full Moon Apocalypse

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Full Moon Apocalypse

Post by CaitAdmin on Tue Aug 23, 2016 11:45 am

Back in the past, the humans basically wrecked the world. The world has been in shambles, and there are only a few of the humans left. However, in all this time of chaos, supernaturals took this as a time to stop hiding and come out.

So, characters can be human, or whatever you really want them to be. They can be elves, or dragons, it's up to you. You can even make up your own race. Hybrids can be a thing as well. You can chose anything, really.

There are camps where you live, or you can be the lone wolf, and be on your own. We can figure out camps later.

My only rules are:

PLEASE DO NOT JOIN IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON QUITTING! I don't want this to die out, and I'm not so angry if you miss a lot of posts and aren't on for a while. I will be happy to fill you in Smile Also, I am very flexible with your schedules, because I'm a cheerleader and a marching band member. I know when things get really busy.

Tell me if you want to take a week or two off, I am happy to fill you guys in Smile

No perfect characters, and don't control other's characters. Ask someone before you kill a character off.

Sex: Allowed, but skip or take it somewhere else.

LGTB Friendly!

Swearing: It's fine with me.

Characters: Please make TWO at a minimum. Max is free range. Make ten if you feel like it. But remember to make GENDERS EVEN please. So if you have only two charries, one is a boy, and the other a girl.

I do want some varieties in charries!

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