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Post by CaitAdmin on Tue Aug 23, 2016 11:39 am

Hello! Welcome to Creature Academy! This school year, we are accepting any creature of any kind. To those returners, you should help out the underclassmen/ and new students.

As Creature Academy, you are in one of the most prestige academies of the supernatural. And I welcome you all. On Monday(First day), classes will be starting. We will be giving you more than the usual five minutes to get to your classes.

Lunches are mostly anything you like, as we literally have it all. Oh, and don't forget the football game against Marilyn Academy Pirates this Friday!

-Your headmistress, Mrs. Lenten.

Hi. That was a little introduction I gave to the roleplay. So, I'm very open minded. Ill take any suggestions, but I have some minor rules, and some info:

What kind of creatures can your characters be?








warlocks(Females can be warlocks)



hybrids of any creature


Do not control other's characters. Self explanatory.

Sex: Allowed, but skip or take it somewhere else.

Swearing: It's fine with me.

Characters: Please make two at a minimum. Max is free range. Make ten if you feel like it. But remember to make GENDERS EVEN please. So if you have only two charries, one is a boy, and the other a girl.

I am okay with LGBT!

I do want some varieties in charries!(Meaning creature types, and just character races)

Make sure to fill out your skeletons before starting the role play!

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