Extended List of Site Rules

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Extended List of Site Rules

Post by CaitAdmin on Sun Apr 10, 2016 5:34 pm

1.Keep everything pg: Please do not post any pornographic images, gore, or something that is not appropriate for a younger audience. If you do the admin will remove you from the site.

2. No bullying in any OOC or even in role play. It will not be tolerated and you will be removed from this website.

3. There will be no homophobia or racism here. If you want to do that go somewhere else and keep it out of my forums.

4. Along with keeping it PG 13, please keep swearing to a minimum, and if you feel the need to swear make sure that your role playing group is comfortable with the swearing. Keep swearing out of OCC as well, if you do not stop the admin will remove you from the website.

5. Any rude attacks on the admin, or any moderator, or against my rules will be removed.

6. If there is any harassment, or you note someone not following the rules, contact me immediately, the user will be removed.

7. NO DISCUSSION OF ILLEGAL CONTENT. The admin and mods will remove said users.

8. You cannot role play with sexual references or drug and alcohol uses. Discussions that are made with these references will be removed if they are too overly breaking the rule.

9. Pornography in any role play will delete the discussion and the user will be dealt with.

10. Impersonating another user or mod will not be allowed and it is very disrespectful.

11. DO NOT SHARE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION!!!! Do not give an address, a phone number, a skype,and email address, or usernames for other sites. Do not give your facebook account, or a kik.

12. Posting personal information about another person will result in a deleted discussion and you will be removed from this forum.

13. Do not spam, this means selling or promoting a good or object. This also means that there will be no spam tolerated, you will get removed from the website.

14. Please do not use other people's work or characters, what is created is theirs.

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